Hi, I’m Chelsea! 

I’m a Marketing and Technical Assistant for entrepreneurs, like yourself, who just need someone to figure out all the things. I’m particularly obsessed with all things systems, data and automation - because lets be honest, we need to keep a life for ourselves, while being business owners.

If you’ve landed here, it’s pretty likely that you are feeling overwhelmed with all the “things” that you need (or at least that you've been told you need) in business. And all the stuff you have to do. Especially if you’re a one-woman show! I’m glad you’re here, because I’ve got lots of ways to make your business life more organized, more automated and less stressful, so you can spend more time doing the things you love!

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I started a photography business, with absolutely no business experience 9 years ago and through a ton of hard work, commitment, learning, blood, sweat and tears - I’ve come out on the other side with A LOT of knowledge about business and personal development. 

Turns out, keeping a photography business alive for 9 years is quite a feat on it’s own, but doing it through 3 moves among many other challenges life threw at us is somewhat of a miracle. 

I attribute it to my extreme levels of structure and organization. And my ultimate goal is to teach you how to find that same success - so that you can spend more days on the lake with friends, like I do!

One of the biggest and most helpful things was getting my website up and helping me create that platform. I love how Chelsea is so organized and has knowledge in a lot of areas to guide me to the best products and services in all things tech. My mission is to teach and help people heal. But I have to have the technology to reach more people. I love that I have people that can support me on the tech side, offering what they do best, so I can focus on what I do best! It’s a win/win for everyone!
— Charlotte Varble
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I’ve created this space on the on the Internet to do one thing:

To help entrepreneurs find structure in their business and manage all the data.

Chaos = Insanity - and ain’t nobody got time for that!

I do this through one-on-one consulting that aligns with the 3 key areas of my expertise.


As a photographer, I spent many years becoming well educated in the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products. Turns out, many of the rules that apply to being an amazing photographer, also apply to being an excellent graphic designer and my expertise lies in supplemental design to enhance your already existing brand. I am available for freelance design for clients who just want to have it done for them. So, you can get back to sharing your message and products and making money!


The foundation of your business is probably more important than anything else you’ll do - and if you set it up right, it’ll serve you ten times over in the end. I believe in ending the “hamster in the wheel” scenario and setting you free to let your business do most of the work for itself. This can mean development and automation of lead funnels, customer fulfillment, scheduling, and much more! There are so many tools and so much room for automation to help your business run more smoothly that it’s hard to know what you need or don’t need. I take the guesswork out of this for you and break it all down in a way you can understand. If you've ever found yourself totally overwhelmed and frustrated with the "tech" aspect of your business... you've found your new best friend!


One of the things I found I needed the most in the beginning was someone to help me lay out the path. You probably have an end goal in mind, but knowing the steps to take to get to that goal is the challenge. What systems do you need? What has to happen in between? Those details are where my mind lights up. I help you see the steps along the path to the end goal and break everything down so the big goal seems a lot less hairy and audacious! You do the dreaming, I’ll help with the doing. If you're the DIY type of entrepreneur, I can work with you to get a checklist of what to do next and lay out your step-by-step path to success.

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Chelsea is brilliant! She takes my complex processes and makes them so simple! She is able to take my crazy ideas and make them a beautiful reality. She is definitely my go to for all things systems, design, and tech!
— Shelly Coray
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Everyone these days says it’s all about hustle, right?

I’ve read that more times than I can count. Or, it’s about your "tribe". (I hate that word, btw)

Know the right people and hustle enough and you’ll be successful. But what about having an actual life that you love? Does anyone REALLY love their hustling life? Or are there times you just want to be on the lake with a cocktail catching fish? Because that sure sounds a lot like the life I want to live. Work hard to play hard, but get to have both! 

Maybe your jam isn’t lakes and cocktails and fish, but whatever your jam is… I think you deserve to have that in addition to a business that you love. Life is too short to be hustling along like a hamster in a wheel!

I’m here to help you create some systems and organization in your business so that you can get out of the hamster wheel!

My clients are leaders, speakers, authors, attorneys, coaches and more… because business is business - no matter what your product or service, it all needs a sturdy foundation to grow on. And a way to manage all the data that a business creates - leads, customers, products, websites, financials, and the list goes on and on.

How did I get where I am today and why am I doing this? Well, you know I have a story for that…

The cliff notes version is that I wanted my hobby of photography back, so I opted to step away from that business, but I KNEW in my heart that I had so much knowledge that I couldn't waste.

It had to benefit someone! 

I was blessed with it and it would be a disservice to me and my future clients to not be a resource.

So I opted to create a business helping other entrepreneurs, including my team with Maskcara.

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How can I help you?

If you are looking for one-on-one help within your business, the next step is to schedule a consultation to talk more! There is no obligation and this is free for you! It really helps you understand how I can help, but also helps me understand your business more in depth.

If you are wanting to be part of a movement bigger than yourself, where women connect, create fulfilling lives and more freedom and time to connect with their families AND you love feeling and making others feel beautiful too... well, I'd love to have you join me in Maskcara. So many women I meet are looking for a place to connect with other women and a way to have a feeling of belonging, while creating an income for their family. And I'm here to tell you, this is it!